The Person


 Jim Shealey has been a life-long Akron, Ohio resident, where he attended Akron Public Schools and graduated from Akron East High School. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The University of Akron and is currently seeking a Master’s Degree in Theology from Indiana's Anderson University.

City Leadership:

Mr. Shealey has been a public servant in various capacities throughout the city for more than 30 years. He was elected Ward 5 Councilman in 2000 and currently chairs Council’s Public Safety Committee. Under his leadership, Council has approved creating a police auditor’s position to both monitor and support Akron Police Department policies and procedures.Jim Shealey's dedication to his community and the organizations that makes it strong is proven through his service as chairman of the Akron city council public safety committee and as vice-chairman of the board directors for the East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation.

Team Building:

Jim "Coach" Shealey was a former football and track coach for various schools such as Akron Buchtel, Akron East High, and Harvey S. Firestone high in the Akron Public School system for over 30 years, during that time also coaching at Anderson University. During those years he has taught physical education and health at two of the three schools and currently teaches at Robinson Elementary Schools.


        The Mentor:

Jim Shealey's ultimate dream is to empower the community in areas of individual lives, job creation, and educational opportunities. Mr. Shealey has been instrumental in helping build a mentality of never giving up. Working in many different schools has provided him the opportunity to learn personalities and what it takes to get the job done in and outside of the classroom. He has shown so many individuals and groups how to enthusiastically work together as a team and encourage the success of others.