Welcome to Jim Shealey's Personal Website!

Welcome to Jim Shealey's personal Web page. Here you can learn more about the Councilman, Coach, Mentor, and Teacher. Learn about his visions, accomplishments and community affiliations. You can also contact him by email via the contact page.

This informational website is to share the Man that has guided so many individuals in the right direction. Geared towards improving lives of youngsters Jim Shealey is a person of moral character, integrity, fairness, and overall a genuine individual that lives to help others exceed their own expectations in life. He has the knowledge to build individuals from start to finish. Working in the political field for ten years with different individuals across the city, helping to put together plans to make a city succeed when it was in die'r need for improvement. Jim Shealey hopes that this information will show you his dedication towards building a better future for our kids. 

Jim Shealey is a man that lives by the words "GET IT DONE," and will continue to prove his loyalty to the people and their progression towards greateness.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Jim Shealey as a Councilman, Coach, Mentor, and Teacher.